Love that Builds

Couples Build | February 14

Skip dinner and a movie this year and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the unique experience of building a home for a family in our community. This event is an opportunity for couples to bond, create lasting memories, and make a meaningful impact by working together to construct a home that will stand as a testament to the power of love in action.

A Valentine’s Day Gift That Will Change Lives

Celebrate love that lasts a lifetime this Valentine’s Day with a meaningful gesture that goes beyond flowers and chocolates. Honor your special someone with a donation to Habitat for Humanity Lake County, and together, let’s build a legacy of love and compassion. When you make a gift in their name, your loved one will receive a special card letting them know that a home has been built in honor of your enduring love—a gift that will provide shelter, security, and joy for generations to come. Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable by creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond the romantic moment. Join us in building homes, creating memories, and spreading love that truly stands the test of time.