Women Build

October 8 – 19, 2024

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Join Lake County women as we come together to build stronger futures for women through safe, affordable homeownership. Women Build is an annual multi-month fundraiser leading up to two weeks where women join together to accomplish two incredible goals: (1) advance construction on two homes for women-led families in Lake County (2) work together to raise funds to help make homeownership a reality for more women in our community.

Check out a few highlights from Women Build 2023!

The Basics

What: A period of fundraising leading up to a two week-long home-building event. Women builders will work on two homes in Round Lake Beachboth of which will be occupied by women-led families upon completion.


  • Tuesday, October 8 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Wednesday, October 9 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Thursday, October 10 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Friday, October 11 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Saturday, October 12 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Tuesday, October 15
  • Wednesday, October 16 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Thursday, October 17
  • Friday, October 18 – Team Days SOLD OUT
  • Saturday, October 19 – Team Days SOLD OUT

: Two build sites in Round Lake Beach, IL. Exact locations will be shared with all registered Women Builders.

Become a Women Builder

Each Women Builder commits to building on-site for one full day of the event (no construction experience necessary!) and raising funds to support homeownership opportunities for women in our community.

  • Reserve a Team Build Day by signing-up as a Team Captain. Each Team Captain will:
    • Recruit 9 – 14 other women to join her team and collectively raise $2,500.
    • Commit to building one day of the event. Build days are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.
    • Communicate with and motivate her team members to ensure they have the support they need to fundraise, details about the build day, and a great time along the way!
  • Reserve a Build Day Slot as an Individual Builder. This is  great option if you want to come out solo or with a pal! Each Individual Builder will:
    • Commit to raising $250 and building on-site one day during Women Build.
    • Join a Build Day with other Individual Builders or join a team with open slots. We will do our best to get you matched to your preferred date. Slots are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Registration is currently only open to 2023 Women Build participants. Check back soon to register!

More Ways to Get Involved

  • Become a sponsor! We have a wide-range of sponsorship opportunities available beginning at $500. Sponsors enjoy benefits such as logo placement in key materials and on the Build Sites, inclusion in media releases, social media posts, and more.
  • Sign-up to captain a Virtual Builder Team or become an Individual Virtual Builder. This is a terrific option for individuals and teams who are not able/not interested in participating in a physical build day.
  • Make a Donation to the event. All proceeds will help more women in our community become homeowners.
  • Donate lunch, coffee, or snacks for one of our build days.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at [email protected]!

Why women?

Homeownership is a powerful tool for economic stability and empowerment, particularly for women. By providing women with the opportunity to own homes, communities can foster environments that support gender equality, financial independence, and overall community well-being.

Achieving homeownership and the security that comes with it can be far more difficult for women to realize than for men in similar situations. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Men earn more on average than women, resulting in access to higher credit, loans with better terms, and higher-quality homes, and safer neighborhoods.
  • 80% of single-parent households are headed by women and women are twice as likely to be the primary caretaker for an elderly parent. This can limit a woman’s ability to dedicate the necessary time to obtaining and maintaining consistent employment.
  • Single women are denied mortgages at higher rates than single men despite the fact that studies show that women are more reliable at paying back mortgages.

Homeownership opportunities for women are essential!

1. Economic Empowerment

Homeownership is a significant driver of wealth accumulation. For women, owning a home means building equity, which can be leveraged for future financial needs such as education, retirement, or starting a business. Studies have shown that women who own homes are more likely to achieve long-term financial stability compared to those who rent. This stability is especially critical for single mothers, who often face higher financial pressures and are at greater risk of poverty .

2. Gender Equality

Investing in homeownership opportunities for women contributes to closing the gender wealth gap. Historically, women have faced systemic barriers in accessing property and credit. By prioritizing policies and programs that facilitate homeownership for women, communities can address these inequities and promote gender equality. This includes providing access to affordable housing, offering financial literacy programs, and ensuring equal access to credit.

3. Improved Educational Outcomes

Research consistently shows that children in homeowner households perform better academically. Stability in housing allows children to attend the same schools for longer periods, leading to better educational continuity and higher academic achievement. A study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University found that homeownership positively impacts children’s cognitive development and educational attainment .

5. Community Development

When women own homes, the benefits extend beyond the individual to the community at large. Homeowners are more likely to invest in their neighborhoods, participate in local governance, and contribute to community cohesion. This increased civic engagement can lead to safer, more stable, and prosperous communities. Moreover, diverse homeownership can stimulate local economies by boosting demand for goods and services.

6. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Homeownership is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty. For many low-income women and their families, owning a home can be a pathway out of poverty. It provides not only a stable living environment but also an asset that can be passed down to future generations, thereby helping to build intergenerational wealth and stability .

Women Build is one small step toward raising awareness and ensuring that more woman-led families in our community have the opportunity to provide bright futures for themselves and their families through the foundation of homeownership.