Words from Habitat Lake County Homeowners

“Moving into our new home has been very impactful on my children’s lives. Since we’ve moved out of my sister’s small apartment we have felt such security, stability, and comfort knowing that we now have our own home. My kids are able to sleep comfortably in their own bedrooms and since then all three have excelled academically. My daughters have both been selected for the National Honors Society, and my son has received a full-ride basketball scholarship to attend California State University. It has also provided us consistency in the areas of social, emotional, physical, and financial needs. Owning a home has been a life-changing experience!” – Tamara, homeowner since 2020

“We have all been so much healthier since we moved into our house. I lost 37 lbs. Now I cook healthy food – Brussel sprouts and asparagus! My Habitat mortgage is lower than my rent and Habitat taught me to budget. I don’t have to work 3 jobs anymore. I have a new life!” – Elana, homeowner since 2017

“We love our yard and enjoy having our family over. Our neighbors have been great and we all get along.” – Catrina & Paul, homeowners since 2016